A New American Dream


Thank you for your willingness to sign your name to A New American Dream, a set of recommendations created by young adults, on what Connecticut’s communities should consider in meeting young people’s needs and attracting residents, jobs, customers and a stronger local economy and tax base.

When you enter your information below, you will be putting your name alongside a large number of other young people on the document itself, which will we disseminated in print and by electronic means.

The information you give us will only be used for two purposes:

  • First, and most important, you’ll become a signatory on the recommendations.
  • Second, we may email you occasionally to keep you posted on our ongoing work to make Connecticut’s communities better for young people.

We will NOT give or sell your information to anyone.  It will only be used by the Partnership for Strong Communities (a nonprofit advocacy organization), for the purposes described here.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness of these critical issues.