Young Energetic Solutions (YES)


Connecticut needs a young, skilled, educated and energetic workforce to drive the state’s economy and help shape communities that will be magnets for economic growth and vitality. This demographic is more likely to choose living in Connecticut if its communities have an array of housing options they can afford, interesting recreational and cultural activities, mass transit, biking and walking options, the right mix of retail offering what they need and want, and opportunities for professional growth. While focused on how young workers want to shape Connecticut, YES’s work will benefit everyone that wants interesting, functional, economically-thriving communities.

Local YES hubs recruit members to participate in the full range of activities in their communities. Local hubs will educate members on how to get involved in their communities through boards and commissions. Members work together and with others to identify local improvements that can make their communities more attractive to young people and learn from local groups in Connecticut.

A statewide YES network connects and supports these local hubs by helping them learn from each others’ successes, by circulating new information and by offering a helping hand when needed. Over time the network will adapt information technology and other tools to the work of community problem-solving and collaboration. And as common issues and concerns emerge from multiple communities, the network will give young people a voice in state policy discussions affecting younger people.