Advice for Others Looking to Expand Housing Options

Oak Meadows, Brookfield, CT


In conjunction with Fran Lollie, the Zoning Enforcement Officer and Assistant Land Use Manager, Dew offered suggestions for local officials proposing affordable housing units as part of a focused development for their city or town: 

  • that the community-involvement pieces, particularly design workshops called charrettes, are necessary and extremely helpful in the process of developing a strategic and well-received development plan; residents often want to offer their ideas for the shape and design of the development; 
  • that the staff must be knowledgeable and able to explain the projects in detail; they also must be prepared to listen to concerns related to the stereotypes associated with affordable housing developments and respond appropriately; 
  • that it is beneficial to have close contact with the managers of the developments. 

Dew said that it is important to have a relationship with the managers, as she does, to better understand the process and “make sure that you are on the same page.”  

A Deeper Look Inside Brookfield

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