Betsy Cronin


Supportive Housing Partner Award

Betsy CroninBetsy is passionate about finding healthy, supportive homes for families. Since 1998, she has worked with The Connection, leading the Supportive Housing for Recovering Families program. In her first year, the program served 99 families in the New Haven and Groton area and obtained 25 permanent housing vouchers. The program provides intensive case management services, housing subsidies, and assistance in finding and maintaining housing.

Betsy started her career as a probation officer in New Haven, working with women and mothers who were re-entering their communities and reuniting with their families. She later worked as a Drug Court Coordinator, seeing first-hand the struggles of those who had been incarcerated, who have substance abuse issues, or are diagnosed with mental illness.

The Supportive Housing for Recovering Families program has grown significantly under Betsy’s leadership. She oversees seven program managers and 44 case managers who work collaboratively with the Department of Children and Family Services. She prides herself and her staff in only finding the best housing for our families, stating "If we won't live there, the family can't live there."

Betsy has also advocated with funders, legislators, the CT Department of Social Services, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and state housing authorities for additional funding to house more Connecticut individuals and families, engaging both clients and landlords in this advocacy process.