Esther Ross


Janice Elliott Supportive Housing Tenant Award

Esther RossEsther Ross is a voice of hope and reason in so many roles - as the first person people see when they enter emergency shelter, as a support and educator for homeless individuals, and as a full-time mom. Simply put, Esther works tirelessly on behalf of others.

"I love what I do," Esther says. "Being out in the community and supporting others, I meet some of the most interesting people. There’s never a dull moment, but the favorite part of my work is seeing people succeed - getting a car, getting a job. It's fulfilling to see my work having an impact."

Her success is based on her own journey. "I have an inside and outside perspective on the issue - so I understand what works and what doesn’t work," Esther explains. "But before I can have the biggest impact, I have to get these letters after my name." Towards this end, Esther is enrolled at Housatonic Community College in pursuit of her Associate’s degree in Human Services, and soon hopes to become a Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC). She knows that "these letters" will increase her ability to support those experiencing hardship.

When she is not working on behalf of the Bridgeport community, she is at home supporting her children and their education. Her daughter will soon be a high school graduate, and her son is currently enrolled full-time at Housatonic Community College.

Caring, thoughtful, giving and outgoing, Esther Ross is vital asset to her community and to the statewide supportive housing community.