Elizabeth Torres


Supportive Housing Partner Award

Liz TorresLiz Torres has a drive and commitment to building housing. But more than that, it is her understanding that a strong community is about more than just housing that makes her work stand out.

Liz has built Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust (BNT) from the ground up. As BNT’s first full-time staff member, Liz was hired six years ago to oversee the redevelopment of a public housing complex. Since then, she has transformed BNT into fully-staffed community anchor, leading programs that help people find and live in affordable homes and enlarging BNT’s programming to include supportive housing development.

Prior to joining BNT, Liz worked for Community Builders in New Haven for 10 years. Her hard work and determination were apparent early on. She started at the organization as a receptionist at age 19 and worked her way up to project manager, overseeing affordable and supportive housing developments.

Her proactive approach has continued while serving as Executive Director at BNT. Under her leadership, BNT has created a home ownership counseling program that assists 500 people a year, a homeowner’s down payment assistance program, a lead remediation program, and a community garden. BNT will soon open a supportive housing development and are actively pursuing supportive housing opportunities.

When asked to sum up the work of BNT, Liz proudly states “We build housing, create healthy homes, and provide comprehensive homeownership counseling.” Thanks to the leadership of Liz Torres and the support of BNT, Bridgeport is a stronger community.