Staff Bio: Jane Peters


Administrative Director

Jane joined the Partnership in October 2016 as the Events & Building Manager. In this role, Jane is responsible for renting the Lyceum for non-profit, corporate and private events, fostering and promoting community activity and sharing the mission of the Partnership with clients and their guests. She is also responsible for managing the building, analyzing current trends and markets to ensure that the Lyceum is fairly priced and offers a comfortable and state of the art environment.

Jane came to the Partnership with 10+ years of building management, venue rental and event planning experience. Before joining the Partnership, Jane worked for the Town of Glastonbury as the rental agent for the town’s community center. She was instrumental in helping the center bloom into a thriving and successful event facility.

Jane enjoys working with the public, assisting with planning various corporate and private events and understands the needs of non-profit establishments. She appreciates the magnificence of historic buildings and takes great pride in the Lyceum’s internal and external appearance. She has a passion for design and event planning and is proud to support the Partnership’s mission to build strong communities and end homelessness.

Jane is certified by the New York Institute of Art & Design as a Professional Event Planner.

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