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July 06, 2011
The study, the first in-depth look at the FHIP in fifteen years, concludes that FHIP grantees and their work are saving HUD valuable time and money.
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July 06, 2011
Over 30 business, academic and civic leaders, as well as local officials from Bridgeport and the towns of Fairfield and Stratford participated in a bus tour of supportive housing in Bridgeport.
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July 05, 2011
Declaring that "food insecurity is the result of public policy" Prof. Molly Anderson highlighted the connections between food insecurity & housing insecurity.
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July 01, 2011
This is a fact sheet detailing some of the organizations in Connecticut that are dedicated to promoting Supportive Housing across the state.
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July 01, 2011
Studying seven Massachusetts communities with mixed-income housing, UMass found that teaching staff levels and overall expenditures increased independently of changes in enrollment.
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July 01, 2011
United Way of Connecticut
In 2010, just over five percent of the requests for service to 2-1-1 were classified as an unmet need, an increase from four percent in 2009.
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July 01, 2011
MIT looked at 7 mixed-income rental housing developments in Massachusetts and found no significant differences between home values close to affordable developments and those in other parts of town.
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June 30, 2011
A "gap-based" formula for distributing unrestricted municipal aid to cities and towns in a new working paper entitled "Municipal Aid Evaluation and Reform."
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June 29, 2011
HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan has encouraged the nation's Public Housing Authorities to be flexible in allowing ex-offenders to rejoin their families in public housing developments
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June 29, 2011
A guide to framing the story of homelessness with numbers, a Massachusetts based shelter vs. supportive housing cost-benefit analysis, homelessness data sources...

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