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2010 2-1-1 Unmet Needs Report

United Way of Connecticut

In 2010, just over five percent of the requests for service to 2-1-1 were classified as an unmet need, an increase from four percent in 2009, according to the United Way of Connecticut’s recent report "The 2-1-1 Barometer: Identifying Unmet Needs in Connecticut." An unmet need is defined as a call received by 2-1-1 where there are no resources available to refer the caller to.

Overwhelmingly, the calls with the highest percentages of unmet needs were for financial assistance related to housing costs: rent deposit assistance, rent payment assistance, and mortgage payment assistance. The number of calls requesting those services that went unmet were 36% in 2010, compared with 22% in 2009, with:

  • 40% of the 7,745 requests regarding rent deposit assistance were unmet in 2010 compared with 18% of the 5,391 calls in 2009;
  • 33% of the 10,768 requests regarding rent payment assistance went unmet in 2010 compared with 26% of the 8,754 calls in 2009; and;
  • 20% of the 455 requests regarding mortgage payment assistance were unmet in 2010 compared with 12% of the 639 calls in 2009.

Overall, 11% of all requests for service received by 2-1-1 in 2010 were related to housing, which, according to the report is "not surprising given that Connecticut has the fifth highest housing costs in the nation." In 2009, 9% of calls were housing related.

Of those calls classified as unmet needs in 2010, 55% of the callers were not eligible for the service requested, and 44% requested services that were not available.

To read the report, click here.


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