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May 04, 2011
Connecticut rental costs are up 55% statewide since 2000 and the housing wage – what a renter must earn per hour to afford a typical 2BR apartment - is up to $23.37 statewide or $48,600 a...
Community Development, Homelessness, Supportive Housing
May 02, 2011
Discussing the importance of involving the business community in local efforts to end homelessness, Geraldine McCafferty, Springfield's Director of Housing, noted that "business leaders...
Affordable Housing, Community Development
April 27, 2011
Speaking about the need to align housing, transportation and environmental policy in order to be competitive in the global environment, noted developer Jonathan Rose addressed a full room at the...
Affordable Housing, Community Development, Federal News, Homelessness, Reports and Publications, Supportive Housing
April 06, 2011
A strong delegation from Connecticut attended the annual National Low Income Housing Coalition conference and lobby day March 27-30, 2011. Conference attendance was strong, and vigorous...
Affordable Housing, Community Development
April 01, 2011
On Thursday, March 31, noted Harvard economist Edward Glaeser told more than 160 attendees at the Lyceum in Hartford that density in cities and other locations can bring together smart, creative...
Affordable Housing, Community Development
February 01, 2011
In the kickoff to the 2011IForum Series, Northeastern University economist Barry Bluestone warned more than 125 attendees in a packed Lyceum that Connecticut’s economy will sink unless it...

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