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April Home Sales Pick Up, While Prices Lag

The Warren Group

Last week, the Warren Group released the April 2015 numbers on single-family home and condominium sales in Connecticut. The report finds that the number of sales has risen for the third month in a row, while housing prices have fallen slightly.

In Connecticut, single-family home sales are up 10.5% from last April, to 2,014, while condo sales increased by 9.0%, to 555. Year-to-date sales have seen similar boosts, with single-family homes experiencing a 7.8% jump and condo sales climbing by 9.5%.

However, median housing prices remain stagnant. Single-family home prices fell by 2.8% from April 2014, to $238,200, while condo prices declined by 5.4% to $163,450. Year-to-date numbers are similar, with a 2.1% decrease in single-family home prices and a 2.0% decrease in condo prices.

Data on single-family homes by county mostly maintain this trend. Numbers of sales from January to April of this year have increased in all eight counties compared to 2014, with Windham County seeing the greatest increase (+12.7%) and Hartford County seeing the least (+0.6%).

County-level data also show decreases in the prices of single-family homes in 2015. Year-to-date values compared to last year reveal dropping median prices in six counties, from an -0.1% decline in Fairfield County to a -3.7% decrease in Middlesex County. Only New London and Windham Counties experienced small jumps: +2.7% and +5.9%, respectively.

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