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Bureau of Labor Statistics Highlights Housing Data

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics

Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a Spotlight on Statistics on housing before, during, and after the Great Recession. From the report:

  • In 2012, households spent the largest share of average annual expenditures (33%, or $16,887) on housing. More than half of that – 59% - went toward shelter.
  • From 2006 to 2012, the average annual expenditures on rented homes increased.
  • However, in 2012, renters spent less on maintenance, repairs, insurance, and other expenses than did owners. Homeowners spent $1,788, on average, while renters spent $13.
  • The gender divide for housework remains. In 2013, women spent an average of 6 hours per week on housework—more than 3 times as much as men. However, men spent almost 2 hours per week on lawn and garden care—almost twice as much as women.

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