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Census Shows Connecticut Lags in Housing Creation


While news stories in the last week saw experts trying to explain an increase in vacant Connecticut housing units and new Census data showing that Connecticut produced anywhere from 102,000 to 72,000 housing units over the 2000-2010 decade, the data indicates that the state lagged virtually all other states in housing creation.

Final census data on building permits shows that Connecticut building permits per capita ranked 47th in 2010, 49th from 2000-2010 and 48th from 2006-2010. While some experts have said Connecticut still built too many units over the decade because of an increase in vacancies, the consensus was that the vacancy increase is probably the result of more second homes in vacation areas like Litchfield County and foreclosures and abandonments in urban areas where the rental market is moribund.

It remains clear that Connecticut's supply of ownership and rental opportunities is still too low, given the rise in rental prices statewide and in most regional markets and the enduring unaffordability of the median sales prices in at least two thirds of the state's municipalities, where the state’s median household income cannot qualify for a mortgage to build the median sales price home.


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