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Chicago Offers Example of Successful Health and Housing Partnership


Chicago is a success story of how health and housing can effectively partner to identify and serve the chronically homeless who suffer from complex health issues.  The Chicago Housing for Health partnership (CHHP) administered by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago has created a permanent, citywide collaborative between three public hospitals, 10 supportive housing agencies, and respite care programs that work together to identify, house, and serve the most severely ill individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. 

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study of CHHP that showed participants in the program use 1/3 less hospital inpatient days and ¼ less emergency room visits than those who were not in the program. The program is projected to save over $1 million of public funds a year. This kind of model and success is what Connecticut is aiming for with a new Social Innovation Fund grant from the Corporation for Supportive Housing.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) interviewed Arturo Bendixen, Vice President for Housing Partnerships and the Director of CHHP, on what approaches work best to assist the chronically homeless population.

For the interview and the Journal of the American Medical Association study, click here


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