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Connecticut Needs to Address Low-Wage Jobs and Student Debt

Alliance for a Just Society

The Alliance for a Just Society has published its 15th annual Job Gap Study, and the picture isn’t pretty. The study found that:

  • There are seven job seekers for every job that pays above the low-wage threshold of $15 an hour.
  • The share of jobs that pay below the $15 an hour minimum increased from nearly 37 % in 2009 to nearly 40% last year.
  • A “jobless recovery” means precisely that: No jobs.

At $8.25, Connecticut has one of the country’s highest minimum wages in the country, but the study said that’s far from a living wage. In Connecticut, for every living-wage job opening in the state that would support a household of one, there are 25 job-seekers. For each job that would support a single worker with two children, the number of job-seekers rises to 101. Student debt only adds to the burden; Connecticut has cut higher education funding, which makes it more likely a student will have to take out loans.

The study assumes workers receive no public assistance and covers five distinct household types, from single individual to a married couple with two children.

Click here to access the study.


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