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Connecticut Still At Bottom In Attracting, Keeping 25-34-Year-Olds


Only Michigan has lost more 25-34-year-old population than Connecticut over the last decade, according to new data from the Census Bureau, and Connecticut's 25-34-year-old cohort is a smaller percentage of its total population than all but three other states - Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

The latest numbers show Connecticut's 25-34-year-old cohort fell to 412,532 or 11.73% of the state population in 2009 from 451,640 or 13.26% in 2000, a loss of 1.53 percentage points. Michigan saw its 25-34-year-old group drop 1.68 percentage points - from 13.71% to 12.03% over the period.

While the United States as a whole had 41,273,577 residents aged 25-34 in 2009 - a drop to 13.48% of the population from 14.18% - Connecticut saw its population of 25-34-year-olds fall to 11.73%, fourth lowest after Vermont (11.07%), New Hampshire (11.10%) and Maine (11.18%).


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