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CSH Releases Super-Committee Talking Points


The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has released talking points urging the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction - or the "super-committee" - to support the federal government’s long-standing, bipartisan commitment to preventing and ending homelessness.

The document, created in partnership with the Homeless Advocates Group, a coalition of 27 national non-profit organizations committed to ending homelessness in America, also urges the committee to:

  • Prevent further cuts in discretionary spending for affordable housing and targeted homelessness programs.
  • Protect Medicaid access to help reach the bipartisan goal of ending chronic homelessness.
  • Preserve low-income, safety net programs through a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

The super-committee consists of 12 members of Congress, equally divided between majority and minority parties, which is tasked with reducing the federal deficit by an additional $1.5 trillion over the next ten fiscal years, with a series of timelines and dollar requirements, which, if not met, would set in motion a series of corresponding triggers that would automatically cut the federal budget further.

The talking points stress that homeless assistance and affordable housing programs are a small portion of the federal budget and that cuts to them would not save taxpayers money, only shift costs to state and local governments and increase the federal burden in the long-run.

To view CSH’s Talking Points, click here.


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