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CT DOH CHAMP 7 Rating and Ranking Criteria Updated

CT Department of Housing (DOH)

The Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) has issued an updated rating and ranking criteria for the Competitive Housing Assistance for Multifamily Properties (CHAMP) 7 funding round that was announced on March 9. The CHAMP 7 Rating and Ranking has been updated to better reflect the housing needs and housing development goals of Connecticut. 

DOH notes the following changes in the CHAMP 7 Rating and Ranking: “providing points only for family units in municipalities with less than 10% affordable housing, reducing the maximum total development cost per unit threshold for which points will be awarded, removing transit oriented design points where a shuttle is needed to link to existing transit services, allowing an exemption from the requirement for existing public utilities for projects in high opportunity communities, requiring the justification of initial investments related to energy conservation, and requiring that local resources be provided to obtain points if a proposed development is located in a municipal revitalization area.”

Access the CHAMP 7 Rating and Ranking criteria here.  


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