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DOL Produces New Care Guide for Homeless Women Vets


To help service providers address the psychological and mental health needs of women veterans returning from combat, the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau has produced a new guide Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness: A Guide for Service Providers.

The guide details concrete steps and best practices aimed at improving program effectiveness and re-entry outcomes for women veterans and is broken into three sections, which include:

  • A handbook offering information on what it means to provide trauma-informed to female veterans
  • A manual of best practices for providers
  • Lists of provider-targeted materials on female veterans, homelessness, trauma, participant involvement, and self-care.

"As the number of women veterans increases, we need to provide better, more tailored tools to support them as they transition back into civilian life," said DOL Sec. Hilda Solis. "This guide acknowledges the experiences and challenges facing women veterans, and will result in better assistance and better outcomes for these deserving women."

To learn more:
Trauma-Informed Care Guide


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