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Event Focuses on Connecting Housing, Jobs and Transit


The three state commissioners vital in creating new housing, transportation, employment and economic growth opportunities met at The Lyceum on September 25 with a host of housing and transit specialists to discuss how to ensure the new CTfastrak bus rapid transit and the new Springfield-to-New Haven rail serve as many low- and moderate-income Connecticut residents as possible.

Commissioners James Redeker of Transportation, Evonne Klein of Housing and Catherine Smith of Economic and Community Development pledged to coordinate their resources and work together to create feeder services that allow riders to connect to the mass transit lines from their homes and to their jobs, fares that are affordable, schedules that work for all occupations and an information system that allows all riders to know how to use the system.

Eric Halvorsen, a transportation planner from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and Lyle Wray, the Capital Region Council of Governments executive director, offered ideas on such First/Last Mile connections and related Transit-Oriented Development options around the lines. Presentations by Commissioner Redeker, Halvorsen and Wray can be seen here.




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