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Executive Order Establishes Council for Community Solutions

President Obama signed an Executive Order on November 16, 2016 establishing a Council for Community Solutions, focusing on place as a strong element determining opportunity and well-being. The purpose of the Council is to facilitate inter-agency and community-level collaboration, and leverage Federal resources to support local initiatives familiar with those communities in the greatest need.

President Obama outlined the Council’s Mission and Priorities as:

“(i) Work across agencies to coordinate investments in initiatives and practices that align the work of the Federal Government to have the greatest impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

(ii) Use evidence-based practices in policymaking, including identifying existing solutions, scaling up practices that are working, and designing solutions with regular input of the individuals and communities to be served.

(iii) Invest in recruiting, training, and retaining talent to further the effective delivery of services to individuals and communities and empower them with best-practice community engagement options, open government transparency methods, equitable policy approaches, technical assistance and capacity building tools, and data-driven practice.”

This Council includes a broader range of inter-agency actors than previous councils, and supersedes the previous Executive Orders establishing the White House Council for Community Solutions and the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities.

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