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June 19 IForum - Homelessness and Pathways to Economic Security


The Partnership for Strong Communities will conclude its Spring 2013 IForums on Wednesday, June 19 with it's 5th IForum of the year. 

Creating Pathways to Economic Security for Those Who Are Homeless

Policymakers’ mantra during the recession has been “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.” Nowhere is this more important than for people who are homeless or on the brink of losing their homes. A paycheck can be the difference between a warm bed and a cold sidewalk.

Finding and keeping a job can be hard for anyone; it’s tougher without a home as a springboard for a job search.  Moreover, many currently or formerly homeless people have mental or physical illness or disability, lack good education or job skills, and have suffered from abuse or other trauma. They need training and financial support.

Tremendous work is being done in Connecticut to integrate systems to end and prevent homelessness. Better case management and training is helping people with complex needs navigate an equally complex workforce development system. New techniques are emerging to assess and match individuals with employers and then support both to maintain work performance. Policymakers are finding new ways to make mainstream benefits accessible to people facing homelessness.

In this nexus of homelessness and economic security, innovators are finding that with the right supports, people with substantial needs can be secure and productive. And the approaches being refined here could be useful beyond homelessness, to the wide variety of workers struggling in our tough economy.

Come join us as we discuss the following:

  • Model workforce and housing partnerships
  • Partnerships with Public Housing Authorities
  • Snapshots of promising and best practices and the impacts of certain service designs
  • Employment and HEARTH - The connection between employment services, Coordinated Access, and Continuums of Care
  • The role of employment and homelessness prevention
  • Challenges as we move forward


  • Introduction by Commissioner Sharon Palmer, State of CT Dept. of Labor
  • Jennifer Keeling - Director of Policy, Chicago Jobs Council
    Jennifer has helped develop and implement a variety of successful initiatives to help disadvantaged job seekers get and keep employment, including a groundbreaking collaboration called Opportunity Chicago.  Prior to joining CJC, she worked as a job developer and program manager at the Coalition for the Homeless’ job training program for women in New York City.Jennifer will share insights and perspective from a huge range of activities that CJC has been involved in as a backbone organization for collective impact efforts, including one aimed at employing thousands of public housing residents, as well as their work with the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and homeless service providers.
  • John Rio - Senior Research Associate, Advocates for Human Potential
    AHP helps governments and community-based agencies research and implement solutions to the behavioral health, employment and housing needs of vulnerable populations.  John’s focus is helping supportive housing and service organizations offer effective employment services, and on the public policies that can support that work. He provides technical assistance across the country to improve employment and housing outcomes for people in recovery and people experiencing chronic homelessness including families and veterans.  He has researched key questions about employment, recovery, and homelessness and written numerous reports on these topics.

New Date: Wednesday, June 19
The Lyceum. 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford, CT (Click here for directions)
8:30-9:00 a.m.  Conversation, coffee
9:00-11:30 a.m.  Program

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Event is free. We expect strong attendance. This event is now full. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please email

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