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Hartford’s Chronic Homelessness Falls

Journey Home

Chronic homelessness in Hartford fell 57% from 2004 to 2010 according to the Greater Hartford Homelessness Report Card released Tuesday by Journey Home, the agency overseeing the Hartford region’s 10-Year-Plan to end homelessness.

At a press conference Tuesday morning at The Lyceum in Hartford, Executive Director Matthew C. Morgan said the number of people identified as chronically homelessness had fall to 137 in 2010 from 322 in 2004, a trend that would eradicate chronic homelessness in Hartford by 2015.

“It is also a sign that the work being done that is laid out in the Hartford Plan to End Chronic Homlessness by 2015 and the Implementation Plan may have been significant contributors to this remarkable progress,” Journey Home said in a statement.

The Plan has seven areas of focus, including the creation of supportive housing, job/vocational training and placement, homelessness prevention and discharge planning and the creation of supportive services.

Journey Home said its original goal to create 1,293 units of supportive housing over 10 years in the Capital Region - 632 in Hartford and 661 in surrounding towns - is behind schedule, with 244 units created. Journey Home noted that the Community Renewal Team has established programs to help with job/vocational training and placement and, as the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Pilot Program has succeeded in helping households avoid homelessness, the number of persons discharged from institutions to emergency shelters has decreased.

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