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Homeownership Rates Lowest in 20 Years

U.S Census

According to the Census’ recently released annual and 2014 fourth quarter Housing Vacancy Survey (HVS) data, the homeownership rate in America is the lowest it’s been in 20 years. The homeownership rate has been in a steady decline since the fourth quarter of 2004 when it was at a high of 69.2%. It is currently at 64%, even lower than the 64.1% it was at in the fourth quarter of 1994.

In keeping with milestones experienced by age, homeownership rates are highest for the 65 and older age group (79.5%) and lowest for the 35 and under age group (35.5%). The 2014 fourth quarter HVS data shows a decline in rental vacancy rates, which can be expected with a decrease in homeownership rates. The 2014 fourth quarter rental vacancy rates dropped 1.2% from 8.2% in 2013 to 7% in 2014.

Click here to access the Census Housing Vacancies and Homeownership data.

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