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HUD’s New ConPlan Tools Streamline Process, Improve Transparency


In a move to facilitate place-based decision-making, enhance community participation and provide greater transparency regarding where federal investments are made, the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) HUD’s Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) has released new Consolidated Plan (ConPlan) data and mapping tools.  The tools included in the new eCon Planning Suite include an expanded planning database, a new mapping tool called CPD Maps, and an electronic template for submitting the Consolidated Plan.

The data and mapping tools are there to facilitate the data gathering, sorting, and analysis process so that organizations can complete the ConPlan process more easily.  CPD has also created an electronic template that is integrated with its management information system for organizations to create and post ConPlans and performance reports.

HUD plans to hold a series of trainings and webinars throughout the summer and fall regarding the new new eCon Planning Suite tools.

For a list of the data and tools being offered, visit the HUD blog 
Click here for the press release 
For more information about the ConPlan, please refer to pages 188-191 in the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s 2012 Advocate’s Guide.


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