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HUD’s Playbook for Increasing Opportunity

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD relaunched the Prosperity Playbook Toolkit which serves as a virtual space where users can exchange strategies on how to connect housing to high opportunity areas and reduce the likelihood that one’s zip code determines their future success. It began with just five locations but has grown substantially to include projects, programs and policies from around the country.

The Toolkit includes case studies that serve as examples of innovative strategies to increase residential access to opportunity such as transit-oriented development (TOD), preventing the displacement of current residents, increasing the stock of affordable housing, etc. It also includes research and examples of policies solutions that address these issues.

The Toolkit is a constantly updated resource where HUD partners can submit strategies they have implemented to address housing issues. These examples serve as best practices,  of varying scales, for policymakers and practitioners to help reduce inequality related to economic mobility, opportunity, and housing in their communities.

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