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HUD Criticized in Washington Post for HOME Funds Mismanagement; HUD Responds


A recent investigation by the Washington Post into HUD’s management of the HOME program over two decades reports significant waste and abuse of funds. The HOME program provides federal block grants to state and local governments and is designed to produce affordable housing exclusively for low-income families.  Lobbyists with a few national housing and homelessness advocacy organizations report that the Post article is having a damaging affect on Capitol Hill conversations around funding and policy on the entirety of HUD’s programs, beyond just the HOME program.  Congressional hearings on the HOME program are expected soon.

The Post article has received growing criticism since its publication from housing policy organizations and HUD itself. Although it's widely recognized that misuse of public funds is unacceptable and should be remedied, many believe HUD and the HOME program are being criticized for conditions over which it has little control, and that the article fails to note that most types of housing development projects are stalling due to the recession - not just affordable housing, and not just HOME-funded housing. Finally, HUD notes various factual errors in the article, and rebuts them on its website.

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