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HUD Study Finds Link Between Neighborhoods and Education Outcomes For African American and Latino Children

The Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has published “Opportunity Neighborhoods for Latino and African American Children,” which takes a deep dive into the Denver Child Study, which examined how neighborhood affects various health, education and employment outcomes for Latino and African American children from low-income families.

The HUD study analyzes data collected from Latino or African American current and former Denver housing authority residents. Research focused on physical and behavioral health, exposure to violence, risky behavior, educational outcomes, youth and labor market outcomes, and marriage and childbearing.

The study found that neighborhood is an important indicator for child and youth outcomes, and sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, residents experienced favorable outcomes when they lived in neighborhoods with

  • “High occupational prestige”
  • High percentage of foreign-born neighborhoods
  • Lower score on a social problems index.

You can read the study here.


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