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Millennials and Boomers Show Preference for Walkable, Transit-Friendly Communities

American Planning Association

Millennials and Active Boomers have more in common than we think, including a desire to live in walkable, transit-friendly communities. A new report, “Investing in Place” by the American Planning Association, surveyed over 1,000 adults between 21-65 with at least two years of college and found that regardless of the generation the respondents belonged to, there were general trends in the way they felt about the economy and planning.

Both Millenials and Active Boomers are confident that a turnaround in the economy will come from investment in local communities. Surprisingly, they overwhelmingly responded that quality of life (transportation options, affordability, parks, local vitality, etc) is more important than job prospects and economic health in choosing where to live. Additionally, fewer than 10% of the respondents indicated that they want to live in an auto-dependent suburb; most would prefer to live in areas with walkability, access to transit, and proximity to key resources. 

As more Boomers age, it will become more important for towns and communities to adapt to their needs. Many of the Active Boomers indicated a desire to “age in place” and would like more and better non-car transportation options. This is information that towns and planners should pay close attention to as the survey shows that various age groups are attracted to the same amenities.

Read the full report here.  


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