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More CT Renters Burdened By Housing Costs, Congressional District Profiles Show

National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC)

Connecticut saw a sharp increase in the number of renting households severely burdened by their housing costs in 2010. While a sizeable increase in renters caused the percentage of severely burdened households to drop to 26.3% from 27.3%, the number of severely burdened households – those earning 50% of the median income or less and spending half that meager income or more on housing – increased to 114,891 from 112,134.

The figures, reported by the National Low Income Housing Coalition in their updated “Congressional District Profiles” released last week, are based on the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) data. Census figures released late last year show an increasing move toward renting and away from homeownership – in Connecticut and across the nation -- largely because of an economic downturn that has caused higher rates of unemployment and foreclosures, and tighter down-payment and credit restrictions dampening home buying. The number of renting households in Connecticut rose, according to the NLIHC figures, to 436,538 in 2010 from 410,674 in 2009.

The NLIHC’s Congressional District Profiles are comprised of a selection of data from Out of Reach, including renter wage, area median income and two-bedroom fair market rent in addition to housing cost burden data from the 2010 American Community Survey. The state-level renter statistics show that CT only has 38 affordable and available rental units per 100 households that are at or below extremely low income and only 60 affordable and available rental units per 100 households that are at or below very low income.

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