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More People Moving Out of the Northeast Than Other Areas

United Van Lines

The Northeast leads the United States in outbound migration with New Jersey coming in number 1 for people moving out of the state, according to the United Van Lines 2012 migration study. United Van Lines, the nation’s largest household goods mover, releases a migration study each year which provides data on which states its customers are moving to and from.  High outbound states were categorized as states where 55% or more of the moves are leaving the state, high inbound states are states where 55% or more of the moves are entering the state, and balanced states where the difference of inbound and outbound is negligible. 

Of the 10 states that are categorized as high outbound, 4 are in the Northeast: New Jersey (62%), New York (58%), Connecticut (56%) and Maine (56). Despite the large representation from the Northeast, it is an improvement from 2011 when New Hampshire and Rhode Island were also on the high outbound list but are now on the balanced list.

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