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New Legislation Will Streamline Brownfield Remediation


New legislation signed on June 13 by Governor Malloy will create an easier process to remediate Brownfields for municipalities and private developers.  The General Assembly’s Brownfield Working Group, an eleven member task force created to examine the remediation and redevelopment of Brownfields in Connecticut, developed the recommendations for the legislation.

Highlights of the legislation include:

  • Changes to the state’s cleanup law, known as the Transfer Act, to allow developers of larger parcels who have successfully cleaned up a portion of their site to attract more private capital to invest in the remainder of the redevelopment project.
  • Clarifications to the Transfer Act to allow properties where contamination is contained primarily in the building materials (i.e. lead paint, asbestos, etc.) to move more quickly to redevelopment once the hazardous materials have been abated and/or removed.
  • Provision of additional flexibility to Connecticut’s financial assistance programs to allow more projects to access critical funding and encourage projects to include features such as affordable housing or transit-oriented development that are consistent with the Governor’s broader policy goals.

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