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New Report Highlights Health and Housing Intersection


Healthy Communities of Opportunity: An Equity Blueprint to Address America’s Housing Challenges explores the intersectionality of housing and health related factors that contribute to the economic, social, and over-all wellbeing of families and communities, and underscores the importance of looking at policies through this integrated lens.

This report from Policy Link and the Kresge Foundation examines: the newly released Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule; the rise of active tenants’ rights networks; the growing attention to sustainability and resilience; and new philanthropic and community development investment pools. Together these provide a strong platform for integrated planning across housing, transportation, education, and economic sectors. The report includes a historical context of housing policies and their impact on housing and healthy communities, identifies best practices through current initiative highlights, and promotes policy recommendations that enhance equity in health and housing.
Click here to read the report.


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