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New Report Highlights Opportunities to Strengthen the Housing Voucher Program

American Enterprise Institute

On April 2017, the American Enterprise Institute released Toward a More Efficient Housing Safety Net, a new report that provides some ideas on how to reform the current housing safety net for people who are low-income and/or experiencing housing instability/homelessness. It outlines some examples on how federal housing spending could be reduced while still providing the housing support needed to prevent and end homelessness and ensure that affordable housing is available for those who need it. 

The author advocates for phasing out the housing voucher program, over time, and for implementing a direct cash assistance to help support-housing expenses for low-income individuals. The author’s argument is that entitlement housing has high administrative costs, it distorts housing decisions, and it imposes policies and penalties that prevent households from engaging in shared housing arrangements, which could help alleviate poverty and strengthen well-being. The author supports that people who are experiencing homelessness should be provided short-term housing assistance as soon as possible and advocates that  supportive housing, with services attached, be made available to people with mental illness experiencing homelessness. 

The report concludes by discussing how diverting resources for more efficient assistance could help free-up additional funding to help support other public policy initiatives. 

Click here to read the report. 


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