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New Report Looks at Creating Permanent Supportive Housing for Extremely Low-Income Households

Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc.

The Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc. has released a report on an innovative approach to creating permanent supportive housing (PSH) for extremely low income (ELI) individuals, entitled Creating New Integrated Permanent Supportive Housing Opportunities for ELI Households: A Vision for the Future of the National Housing Trust Fund. The report summarizes a new federal housing program, the National Housing Trust Fund, which is going to fund new and integrated housing units for ELI households and disable individuals.

This funding is part of an estimated $250-500 million which will become available in 2016. For every $250 million, Connecticut is estimated to receive $3.2 million and $6.3 million for every $500 million.

The report highlights PSH and ELI housing development initiatives of three states, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Illinois, which have successfully augmented the supply of PSH housing for ELI households. The report reveals that all three states utilized the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) program to create and add ELI and PSH units into LIHTC housing. 

Click here to read the report.



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