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NY State Includes Expansion of Supportive Housing in Medicaid Redesign



A Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) convened by NY Gov. Cuomo in January 2011 has endorsed a series of recommendations that would result in increased supportive housing.  The MRT was created to recommend changes that would reduce the growth in Medicaid spending while maintaining or improving health outcomes for those receiving Medicaid coverage in New York state.

The Team’s Affordable Housing Work Group was charged with evaluating the availability and adequacy of the state’s supportive housing programs, with a focus on assuring that individuals are neither inappropriately institutionalized nor denied the availability of necessary care and services to live independently in the community.

Among the Work Group’s recommendations, the following are of particular note:

  • Address the housing and support needs of high-cost, high need beneficiaries of Medicaid to improve health outcomes and generate savings.
  • Set aside a portion of Medicaid and non-Medicaid savings to a fund dedicated to supportive housing.
  • Explore the development of a pilot for a “social impact investment bond” to leverage investments that would be repaid by government to nonprofits for the cost of implementing a specific intervention when the desired savings/outcomes are achieved.


The MRT voted unanimously to accept the report and recommendations on Dec.13. They still need to be implemented through relevant state administrative and legislative processes.

The final recommendations from the Medicaid Redesign Work Group are available here.  More information about New York state’s Medicaid Redesign is available at the Supportive Housing Network of NY website or the New York State Dept. of Health website.


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