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Organizations Dedicated to Supportive Housing in Connecticut


This is a fact sheet detailing some of the organizations in Connecticut that are dedicated to promoting Supportive Housing across the state.

Partnership for Strong Communities
Howard Rifkin, Executive Director, 860-244-0066.

The Partnership coordinates strategic housing policy development and advocacy. The Reaching Home Campaign, staffed by the Partnership, works towards the goal of ending long-term homelessness in Connecticut through the creation of 10,000 new units of supportive housing. The Partnership is based at the Lyceum Conference and Resource Center in Hartford.

Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH)
www.csh.org (see Local Programs – Southern New England)
Sarah Gallagher, Connecticut Director, 860-560-0744.

CSH is a national nonprofit organization and community development financial institution that helps communities create permanent housing with services to prevent and end homelessness.

Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH)
Lisa Tepper Bates, Executive Director, 860-721-7876.

CCEH’s mission is to end homelessness. It works in partnership with communities throughout the state to create change through leadership, community organizing, advocacy and education. Its Community Impact Initiative provides local and regional support through regional community organizers that work with Ten Year Plan implementation groups. Eleven Ten Year Plans to End Homelessness are working locally to create supportive and affordable housing in communities across the state.

Connecticut Housing Coalition (CHC)
Betsy Crum, Executive Director, 860-563-2943.

Connecticut Housing Coalition works to expand housing opportunity and to increase the quantity and quality of affordable housing in our state.

National Alliance on Mental Illness-Connecticut Chapter (NAMI-CT)
Kate Mattias, Executive Director, 860-882-0236.

As part of its mission, NAMI-CT advocates for improved treatment and services for all individuals with mental illnesses, including increased research that will lead to more effective treatment.

supportive housing WORKS
David Rich, Executive Director, 203-579-3180 x12.

It’s mission is to eliminate chronic homelessness in Fairfield County and thereby reduce the need for homeless shelters through the development and operation of affordable housing, particularly the expansion of supportive housing services.

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