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Over One Quarter of Connecticut Renters Severely Burdened


Of the 437,000 renter households in Connecticut, 27% - approximately 119,000 households - are severely burdened, meaning those households spend more than 50% of their income on housing costs, including utilities.  115,000 of the severely burdened households make less than 50% of the area median income, resulting in greater risk for homelessness.

These numbers come from the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC) updated Congressional District Housing Profiles which include data from the 2010 American Community Survey and the five year Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) data set. The profiles have 3 sections, district level renter statistics, state level renter statistics, and regional rental affordability statistics and include all 435 Congressional districts.

The data profiles for all 50 states can be located on the NLIHC website


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