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Rapid Results Institute Partnering to End Veteran Homelessness

Rapid Results Institute

The Stamford-based Rapid Results Institute (RRI) is partnering with 100,000 Homes to help the U.S. Veterans Administration end Veteran homelessness by 2015.

The homeless veteran population decreased from 76,700 in 2010 to 67,500 in 2011 – a decrease of 12%.  To meet the ultimate goal, though, will take concentrated effort, starting with Rapid Results Housing Boot Camps, which bring together cross-agency teams from multiple cities. Each team launches a 100-day project aimed at accelerating local efforts to move chronically homeless veterans into permanent housing.

The results so far have been noticeable. RRI has organized four Boot Camps over the past 6 months with 20 cities/counties participating. Several of the teams in the first wave of Boot Camps set a new benchmark of moving more than a 100 homeless veterans into permanent housing in 100 days.

Apart from the VA, this work is sponsored by a number of federal agencies including the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness. The work is funded by the Chase, Starr, and Home Depot Foundations.

The New York Times has covered the program (Teaming Up to End Homelessness), as has the the Harvard Business Review blog (How Social Innovation is Helping Homeless Veterans).


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