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Report Identifies Ways to Improve Effectiveness of Self-Sufficiency Programs

Center for Housing Policy

Public housing authorities (PHAs) can design more effective economic self-sufficiency programs using five simple lessons from behavioral cognitive science, according to a paper recently released by the National Housing Conference's Center for Housing Policy.

The paper, by Maya Brennan, suggests that PHAs can help families move into income brackets that take them out of housing assistance by:

  1. Encouraging participants to lead the process. Participants do better when they have a hand in their own transition to economic self-sufficiency.
  2. Giving frequent feedback, which helps with focus. Incremental check-ins are best.
  3. Allowing participants to re-start, if necessary. Second and third chances recognize that participants may drop out, but they can still get back on track.
  4. Giving intensive support. That rebuilds skills.
  5. Reducing stress. Programs that unintentionally foster stress do not foster success.

The list condenses a longer list of recommendations from the Crittenton Women's Union

Click here to access the report.  


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