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Report Indicates Growing Inequality Based on Jobs and Wages

Connecticut Voices for Children

A new report from Connecticut Voices for Children, State of Working Connecticut 2014, indicates that opportunity gaps have the ability to sidetrack Connecticut’s economic future.

This annual report looked at employment and wage trends with results that underscore the need to increase equality in the state. While we have been out of the Great Recession for five years, evidence shows that our economy still has not recovered, with notable repercussions for young, minority, and less educated workers.

The main findings from the report:

  • Connecticut has yet to recover the jobs lost during the recession and has fewer jobs now than it did 25 years ago.
  • The large majority of workers have faced stagnant or falling wages over the past decade, accelerating the rise of inequality. Only Connecticut’s highest earners have seen wage growth since 2000.
  • These damaging job and wage trends have disproportionately hurt young workers, workers of color, and workers with less education. In 2013, workers aged 16 to 24 faced an unemployment rate more than double than the rate for adults aged 25 to 54 (13.8%, compared to 7.0%). Meanwhile, the median hourly wage for black workers was 72 percent of white wages in 2013, and the median for Hispanics was 63 percent. Median hourly wages for workers with less than a Bachelor’s degree were about half the level of wages for better educated workers.

Click here for a summary and to access the report. 


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