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Report Offers Ideas to Improve Family Self-Sufficiency Program

New American Foundation

A new paper out from the New American Foundation suggests that HUD’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a promising initiative to lift families out of poverty. The federal government spent $35 billion in 2012 to help low-income households with housing costs, yet millions of eligible households did not receive support. The FSS program has the potential to assist families out of poverty, freeing up federal housing resources for others in need.

Asset-Oriented Rental Assistance, by Hannah Emple, reviews evaluations of the FSS program and makes recommendations for its improvement, such as:

  • Better articulating HUD’s leadership role in the community.
  • Developing non-profit and other NGO partners to champion and advocate for the program.
  • Streamlining and integrating the program with other public benefits to maximize its impact.

Currently, FSS is only open to public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher holders.

Click here to read the report. 


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