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Survey Shows Americans Concerned About Housing

MacArthur Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation has published the results of the 2015 How Housing Matters Survey,  finding  that Americans are worried about the future of the housing market and economic mobility in the United States.

61% of those surveyed think that the America is still in the midst of a housing crisis and 58% of respondents consider it challenging to find affordable housing. U.S. residents believe that homeowners are more likely to face foreclosure now than they were a generation ago, while they are less likely to increase their wealth through homeownership.

55% of respondents report making sacrifices in the last three years to meet housing costs, including increasing work or jobs (21%), ceasing to save for retirement (17%), acquiring credit card debt (14%), and cutting down on healthy food (12%). These problems intensify for renters, minorities, low-income families, and Millennials, and the majority of the public feels that young people face extra hurdles finding work and housing.

Challenges with the high cost of housing are reflected in the public’s belief in economic mobility, and 79% of those surveyed feel that one is more likely to fall from the middle than to rise into it. U.S. citizens are worried about what is next for the county, and they think that federal, state, and local governments should be doing more to address housing issues.

The survey was undertaken by Hart Research Associates.

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