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Understanding Systemic Inequality and Structural Racism

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress released a series of three reports and two issue briefs, all focusing on the history and impact of structural racism and systemic inequalities as they exist in the United States.
Included in the series:

  • Displacement, Exclusion and Segregation which highlights how barriers and targeted inequality in the housing system created disparate outcomes in homeownership and wealth building outcomes for Americans.
  • Truth and Reconciliation which focuses on the acknowledgement of the impacts of slavery and how to move forward in a more equitable way.
  • Systematic Inequality and Economic Opportunity which highlights the necessary long-term approaches in increasing people of colors’ access to opportunity.
  • Simulating How Progressive Proposals Affect the Racial Wealth Gap which looks at proposed solutions to the racial wealth gap and compares how effective they may be as independent or combined interventions.
  • Systemic Inequality and American Democracy which looks at how inaccessible democratic processes were to people of color, and the structural problems that remain because of limited participation in our democracy.

To learn more and read each of the briefs and reports, click here.


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