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Urban Institute and Aspen Institute Joint Recommendations for Improved Health and Economic Outcomes of Children

Urban Institute

Urban Institute and Ascend at the Aspen Institute jointly published a report, Place Matters: A Two-Generation Approach to Housing, exploring how the quality of one’s housing relates to both economic and health outcomes. The report outlines ways in which housing organizations and providers can strengthen and improve economic and health outcomes for children and families.

The report makes the following six recommendations:

  1. “Create professional development strategies and performance measures that promote and require enhanced case management and coaching that uses a strengths-based approach.
  2. Create strong partnerships between housing agencies and service providers that can bring services on-site in assisted housing developments, leverage home visiting programs, and stabilize families during relocation and redevelopment initiatives.
  3. Use a trauma-informed approach and address mental health needs of children and parents together using evidence-based approaches.
  4. Engage residents as leaders in designing and implementing new support systems or programs (i.e. parent policy councils) to enhance social capital, ensure services reflect families’ needs and goals, and contribute to the sustainability of the efforts.
  5. Support long-term stability by ensuring assisted residents have time to build assets and address economic challenges, including acknowledging and addressing benefit cliffs as they transition off assistance.
  6. Identify and develop partnerships with early childhood, K-12, and postsecondary systems to increase trust and engagement and address attendance and social-emotional learning.”

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