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Young Energetic Solutions (YES) – Update


Governor Malloy Meeting

A fuller description of the October 16 YES meeting with Governor Dan Malloy is available here.  


  • Attendance was strong.  THANK YOU to those who attended!  Between the quality of the conversation and the number of people who came, the Governor witnessed young people with a desire to work for a stronger Connecticut.
  • He expressed desire to collaborate with YES to help communities attract young people, and get young people involved in policy considerations.  We are brainstorming next steps.

Need Your Input - Living Preference Survey of Young People

We want to better understand your living situation, as well as your housing preferences now and in your future.  Please take 5 minutes to complete a survey.

We’re collecting this information to articulate to developers and municipalities that young people represent a market to be served when it comes to creating good housing, in good locations at a reasonable price.  If they don’t know you exist or what you want, they may not create the housing you need.  Further, to properly serve the needs of young people, they need to understand the characteristics of the housing you want.

Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey.  And then pass it along to friends, colleagues, or anyone else you know in their 20s or 30s.  Post it to Facebook or anywhere else you connect with others.  Make yourselves heard.  Tell Connecticut what you want.

Find the survey here
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Local YES Groups

We’re on the verge of holding initial meetings in 4 communities to consider YES activities there – Hartford, Middletown, New Haven and Willimantic. We have spoken with people in each of those four cities who have agreed to help organize them.

  • If you are interested in organizing or attending those meetings, please contact Shelby Mertes ( or 860-244-0066).  Your help would be welcome.
  • If you live or work in a different community, would like to see YES involved there, and think you can get 10 smart, energetic young people together to meet – let us know.  Maybe we can do it.

New YES Overview – Share It

We have a new document explaining what YES is, and what issues local YES groups may consider addressing locally.  It’s four pages, explains YES nicely, and is colorful and attractive.  Please look it over and share it.  It can be a good tool for rallying others to the cause.

To be added to our Young Energetic Solutions (YES) email list, contact Laura Bachman at



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