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Zero: 2016 August Update – The Value of Housing Registry Lists


With only 148 days left until the end of 2015 and 514 days until the end of 2016, communities across CT continue to collaborate and innovate to reach the goals of Zero: 2016. These unprecedented partnerships through Coordinated Access Networks have better equipped providers to assess the needs of people experiencing homelessness, case conference about the best housing option for each household, and move people into permanent housing. In just six months since the launch of Zero: 2016, Connecticut providers have housed 447 Veterans (15 more than the Jan-June target) and 274 individuals experiencing chronic homelessness (2 under the Jan-June target). Check out our progress: 

Nationally, housing registry lists are emerging as a promising practice to identify, assess, prioritize, and serve people experiencing homelessness. Through the 100-day efforts many CT communities have established and are using housing registry lists to prioritize housing resources based on level of need. These lists also give providers a real-time estimate of the numbers of people experiencing homelessness in their community at any given time. Therefore, during the next two months, the Zero: 2016 CT team will be working collaboratively with communities to revise their housing placement targets using their by-name registry lists or assist in developing a by-name list for those communities without one. The goal is to have a revised chronic housing placement target by October 1, 2015.

The Zero: 2016 CT team is also working with Community Solutions and Rapid Results Institute to organize a summit in October to offer more training opportunities and tools that communities can use in their efforts to house individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. These include working with landlords and implementing quality improvement strategies to monitor and evaluate progress. In the meantime, Community Solutions has provided a number of resources related to working with landlords and we’ve updated our resources section on the Zero: 2016 webpages to include this information – be sure to check it out!

You can also find a wealth of information on our websites:

The Partnership's updated Zero: 2016 webpage provides access to a variety of materials, including an overview of Zero: 2016 CT, a July 2015 Zero: 2016 update, resources about how to work with landlords, and links to the Zero: 2016 national data dashboard and explainers.

Click here to visit now and learn more about the progress being made to reach Connecticut's Zero: 2016 goals!


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