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Zero 2016 Update: 90 in 90 Challenge!

CT Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH)

We are so excited to announce the next big push to end chronic homelessness, the 90 in 90 Challenge! Starting on July 5th, the 90 in 90 Challenge will have the Coordinated Access Networks (CAN's) across the state start working towards a goal of matching 90% of the verified chronically homeless on their by-name lists to housing resources within 90 days.  Everyone who is matched through the 90 in 90 Challenge is to then be housed by November 1st! With this challenge coming up quickly we have made sure that the supports are going to be available for all CAN's achieve this goal!
The Zero: 2016 Rapid Response Team, which includes DOH, DMHAS, CCEH, PSC, and CSH, is here to support your efforts. DOH CAN Managers, Leigh Shields-Church and Kara Capobianco, will work closely with your community and to identify obstacles and barriers. The Rapid Response Team will provide technical assistance, work to remove policy barriers, and to shore up resources. Everyone involved will be working full steam ahead to achieve this goal and to ensure Connecticut will be the first state to end chronic homelessness.
Is it a big challenge? Absolutely! Will we have to work harder than ever before? Definitely! Is Connecticut going to be the first state in the nation to end chronic homelessness? Yes!  

Let's make history and continue to make strides toward ending all forms of homelessness, making it rare, brief, and non-recurring! 

Click here to learn more about the Zero:2016 Initiative.


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