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Young Adults: Weigh in on Connecticut's Communities

  Young Adults: Weigh In On How Connecticut’s Communities

                        Can Best Attract Young People

If you are in your 20’s or 30’s, please sign your name to “A New American Dream: Change Is Not So Bad”.   This is a vehicle for young people themselves to deliver ideas to state and local policymakers, developers, businesses and the general public on how Connecticut can be a place where young adults choose to live. 

Signers will be accepted until the end of May.

The 4-page document can be viewed here
This document is a “draft” until we collect all signatures.  The number of signatures we obtain will be on the front page (“These proposals were crafted by ___ adults…”), and everyone’s name, home town and age will be listed on the back page.


Please share this with your friends.


These recommendations were crafted by many of your peers.  About 20 young adults met on March 7 to generate proposals.  Over a three week period, the proposals were written up and shared via email with a group of almost 60 young people, most of whom offered substantive feedback and revisions.  We believe the document you see here – at least in a general sense – represents the needs and views of the kind of young people Connecticut and its cities need to attract.

We now aim to have a large number of young adults sign their name to the document, to show Connecticut that there is a strong constituency of young people that  cares about these important issues – as residents, workers, customers, taxpayers and voters that our communities and economy rely upon.  Even people living outside of Connecticut may sign on – it indicates that there are additional young people who would live in Connecticut if some factors changed.

It will only take a few minutes to read the document and sign on, but it will make an enormous difference.


Please help us get as many signers as possible, by asking friends, colleagues, families or neighbors to visit this page – Use email, websites, Facebook, Twitter or old-fashioned word of mouth to let people know (in Connecticut and in other states) about these proposals and about the April 13 forum.  Please be assertive – we only have until the end of May for people to sign on.

This set of recommendations will be presented on April 13, 2012 at the IForum “Connecticut’s Young Professionals: Can Communities Develop to Keep and Attract Them?”  These recommendations are critical – Connecticut since 1990 lost a higher percentage of 25-34 year olds than every state but Maine and New Hampshire.  Connecticut has been mounting a comeback on this front, but there is still more work to be done.

After the April 13 forum, there will be ongoing work to help young adults be active in local planning and state government policy.  If you are interested in being involved, or have questions about the April 13 forum or the “New American Dream” recommendations, please contact Shelby Mertes of the Partnership for Strong Communities at or 860-244-0066.


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