Youth and Young Adults Homelessness Workgroup Members


Stacey Violante-Cote, Center for Children’s Advocacy
Michael Aiello, CT Judicial Branch
Kathy Allen, Thames River Community Service, Inc.
Lisa Bahadosingh, Supportive Housing Works
Preston Brittner, Uconn
Sean Brown, Chrysalis Center
Carline Charmelus, Partnership for Strong Communities
Carissa Conway, Women and Family Center
Rachel Cunningham, Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport
Katie Durand, CT Dept. of Housing
Michaela Fissel, Join-Rise-Be
Bob Francis, Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership
Jillian Gilchrest, Trafficking in Persons Council 
Mimi Haley, CT Coalition to End Homelessness
Aimee Hendrigan, The Melville Trust
Susan Kelley, National Alliance on Mental Illness-CT
Paul Kosowsky, Youth Continuum
John Lawlor, The Connection, Inc.
Deborah Mayano, CT Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division
Robin McHaelen, True Colors
Heather Mosher, The Institute for Community Research
Suzanne Piacentini, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Felix Rodriguez, CT Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division
Caitlin Rose, New Reach, Inc.
Mike Rulnick, The Bridge Family Center
Nicole Updegrove, CT Voices for Children
Jill Schoenfuss, Staywell Health Center
Shari Shapiro, Kids in Crisis
Kim Somaroo-Rodriguez, CT Dept. of Children and Families
Louis Tallarita, CT Dept. of Education
Joe Vaverchak, Consolidated School District of New Britain
Florence Villano, CT Housing Coalition
Stacey Violante-Cote, Center for Children’s Advocacy
Alicia Woodsby, Partnership for Strong Communities
Stephanie Zanker-Rivera, CT Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Last Updated: October 27, 2017

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